Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sinking Heart Shawl

On Monday I posted about re-writing the Falling Leaves scarf pattern to be a shawl pattern as well. Of course I couldn't just re-write the pattern. I also had to knit a sample to make sure it worked, and looked nice. I used my scale to knit to the half-way point, measuring to make sure I had only used half the yarn, and then knit the rest of the shawl. I'm only two and a half leaves from the end of the shawl, but now it doesn't look like I have enough yarn!!!

I tried to take a picture of the very small ball of yarn to illustrate my point, because a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case the picture was taken with an iPhone, the yarn is an emerald green, and the picture looks like grainy cat vomit, so I won't post it. 

Now I'm torn, do I just keep knitting, and see if I have enough yarn, or assume that I don't, rip back a bazillion rows, and start the decreases earlier. Or an even stranger option, decrease faster on this side so that the shawl is asymmetrical? 

Today is a bad yarn day. 

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