Friday, February 24, 2012

Bunny Mail

I'm currently working on a couple new difficult designs. They lead to lots of ripping out yarn and angry looks at my scribbled notebook. I felt like I needed a break from this exercise in frustration, and took a look around the internet for some inspiration.

I found this post from Giverslog about sending plastic easter eggs in the mail, then saw these tiny bunnies. Then when I went to the grocery store yesterday they had 6 plastic eggs for $1. So last night I began by knitting MochiMochi Land's tiny bunny, and then I created two of my own bunny creatures.

Now through March 31, 2012 you can enter to win your very own bunny kit! For more info please see this post.
Bunny Kit!

Bunny puppet, bunny nugget (from MochiMochi Land), and bunny ring
For all three I used the same materials:
DK weight pink yarn
DK weight black yarn,
Worsted weight white yarn
yarn needle
2.75 mm double pointed needles
Mini Finger puppet:
CO 12 sts on 2 double points and join to knit in the round
Rows 1-7 knit
Row 8: *ssk, k4* (twice)
Row 9: graft all stitches

Ears (make two)
CO 3
1-7: knit in i-chord
Sew on your ears

To finish use other scraps to sew on eyes and a little tail 

Bunny Ring

Using provisional cast on cast on 6 sts (leave a tail, this is what you will use to graft the ring together)
knit for 1.5" (or more, depending on how big the finger is) while always slipping the first stitch
Remove 6 stitches from waste yarn and graft all the stitches together
Pick up 3 stitches along the edge and knit in i-chord for 6 rows, break yarn and weave in the end
Pick up 3 stitches along the edge about 4 stitches away from the first ear, and knit in i-chord for 6 rows, break yarn and weave in ends
Use black and white yarns to sew on eyes and a tail.

Then I packed each bunny with a note about the bunny's origin, likes, dislikes, etc. with some stickers and a chocolate chick in a plastic easter egg. 

I loaded them up with stamps and addresses, and here's hoping they find their way to their intended recipients! 


  1. very cute, I've been thinking what to do for the kids at easter - the girls would love these...
    I had a double take at your photos - your engagement and wedding rings are almost identical to mine!!! They look lovely ; )

  2. Thanks! (about both comments) If you do make them I'd love to see yours.