Saturday, January 26, 2013

Website moved!

My website has moved to! Please come and visit me there!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It's been a while since I posted about my WIPs, so I thought today was a good day to get back into the habit!

I'm knitting the Gemini top by Jane Richmond. I admire her aesthetic and I think she also does a great job styling her photos. This is a shop sample for Warm 'n Fuzzy, and I'll also be teaching a class on the pattern. I'm customizing the pattern to have lace on all the sides, and I'm going to do elbow length sleeves since I don't think cap sleeves are very flattering on me. Of course in the class I'll talk about other ways to customize! I haven't decided yet if I'm going to add short rows in the bust. I'm knitting this one out of Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo. It's very soft, easy to work with, and I think it'll make a great top!

My other WIP is this poor shawl. I posted about it here. Since the last time I posted I started the lace, then I made a mistake, and the pattern is worked on both sides, and despite over an hour of trying to fix the mistake I couldn't get it to look perfect. After that it sat in time out until after Christmas, then I frogged back and did it again (this time with a lifeline!). The rows are very long, and I'm rather sick of the shawl. I will have to remember this post the next time I contemplate knitting a shawl in laceweight yarn! It is quite beautiful, I still love the pattern and the yarn, I'm just ready for it to be finished!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I had another pattern published last week, two in one week! It was so exciting that I didn't have time to write about both of them!

I'd like to introduce Ansel, published in Clotheshorse Winter 2012/2013. Photos are curtsey of Clotheshorse.

Sometimes the design process can take a really long time. I finished knitting the original sample for this in December 2011, just before leaving China. The last two weeks we lived in China we lived in a hotel, and I remember blocking this on the spare bed in our hotel room. My husband wasn't overly amused that I was using the limited space we had to block a sweater. Here are some photos of the original, and my former assistant Jasmine is modeling. These first two photos of Jasmine are taken before the button was sewn on or before the sweater was blocked! Knit in amazingly soft Lotus Yarn Tibetan Yak Sportweight. 

Here's another photo of the sweater after blocking (and button sewn on) by Katy Doyle.

So I sent photos of this original bolero to Clotheshorse, and I'm impressed at their vision to transform my idea into a bright and colorful piece to fit into their Graphic theme. I honestly can't say I quite understood the look they were going for when I originally saw the bright blue and green Blue Sky Alpacas yarn in the box before knitting the sample. I also learned that I'm slightly allergic to alpaca. Now that all is said and done I'm just so excited to see the wonderful styling of the team at Clotheshorse and to finally see my pattern out in the world! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rockfall Sweater

I really can't relay just how excited I am to have a pattern published in Knitscene! It is my favorite knitting magazine. I love their modern knitting patterns and the beautiful styling. One thing that is crazy about the knitting design industry (and probably all clothing design) is that it's such a long time from when you first get the idea, submit the idea, knit the idea, and then the idea comes to life and sees the light of day. I can't remember when I submitted, but I remember knitting the sample sweater on the drive to DC to visit friends back in July. 

Anyways, here are some amazing photos of my Rockfall Sweater, the photos are from Knitscene. 

I get a lot of inspiration for my knitting patterns from magazines and ready-to-wear clothing. These two images were my inspiration for the Rockfall Sweater. I found them while prowling the internet. I use Pinterest to organize my knitting inspiration. 

I love the asymmetrical line of the sweater in the first photo, but I wanted my sweater to be wearable like the second top. Something that you could just throw on without having to think about which undergarments to wear with it. Then I saw that Knitscene was looking for asymmetrical knits for Spring, and I submitted this sketch:
Because I hate seaming the Rockfall Sweater is knit seamlessly, in the round, from the bottom up. The sleeves are knit separately in the round, and then the sleeves and body are joined and knit in one piece to the top of the neck. Let me tell you, this sweater did give me some trouble. Getting the lace yoke decreases to look just right took quite a bit of trial and error. This sweater as shown in Knitscene is worn with negative ease, to give it a modern and fitted look. I really adore this sweater, and I hope that eventually I will knit one for myself. 

I can't wait until this issue is in stores! I'm definitely going to have to go visit it in at least one LYS. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Pattern: Two Hands Make A Heart

It's here! The second pattern in my Two Hands series: Two Hands Make A Snowflake. The first in the series was Two Hands Make A Heart. I really love this pattern. I think that snowflakes are much more gender neutral, and I love the fingerless gloves with the flip top because they are great for when you are out and about and need your fingers to use your phone (or pick your nose?). Once again I am indebted to Katy & Kevin Doyle for their photography. I especially like Katy's expression in the first photo. 

These convertible gloves are available in two sizes, just like the heart ones. Do you want to knit the hearts onto these convertible mittens? You can, because the charts are the same size! Just knit the pattern for the base glove of your choice, and insert the chart you'd like! I'm working on additional charts for this series, as well as one more base glove. Now through Friday 23:59 EST enter the code BOGO, and you'll get both patterns for the price of one! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Well, since the world didn't end I guess it's time to start planning for 2013. But first I have to say goodbye to 2012!

Lots of exciting things have happened this year!
I started this website! Here's my first post ever. I owe many thanks to Justin Barnes for creating my logo, and to Katy and Kevin Doyle for their photography skills. Without the help of my friends I don't know where this website would be!

Another exciting thing happened this year, the Anime Infinity Cowl was in the top 100 list!

And now, the year in review through patterns:
Broken Rib Hat, Miya Shawl, Business Card Case

Falling Leaves scarf & shawl, Bunny puppet, Yak Hands

Bamboo Baby Dress, Anime Infinity

Cash Baby Hat & Shoes

Pine Cone Shawl, Holey Hug Shrug

Mama Miya, Spring Wolle

Cable Doodle Doo

Katy & Kevin Cowl, Mimi Shawl

Lovely Lady Arms

Lola's Lace Shawl, Two Hands Make A Heart

Barnsley, Anteros Shawl

Eros Cowl, Heartigan

In 2012 I published 23 patterns!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fuzzbee Yarns

I just got a box full of amazing things from my friend Cassie. I met Cassie while serving in the Peace Corps, and she is one of the people that helped me to learn how to knit while living in Armenia. She came to Armenia already a skilled spinner and knitter, and she has continued to hone her skills and is now selling amazing hand spun and organically hand dyed yarn! It's all pretty amazing, and I can say this because I just got a box of her yarn! You can buy your own at the Fuzzbee Etsy shop, and check out her website to learn more about her spinning and dying process.

Here are some photos of the yarn I just received!

 Ok, one by one, because you know you want to know more!
100% BFL handspun, undyed 109 yds

100% BFL, 150 yds

100% Shetland Wool, handspun, red caggabe dyed, 470 yds
100% Shetland Wool, 216 yds, turmeric/indigo dyed

yarn ball and knitting needle ornament!
I'm going to start designing a few things specifically for the subtle beauty of handspun. I'm really excited about this, because I've very rarely had the opportunity to knit with handspun yarn before, and have yet to design with it! Stay tuned!