Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Shawls & Secrets

I made some good progress on my Anteros Shawl these past two weeks, but all the photos I tried to take are really blurry and terrible, so I'll save everyone the pain of looking at them. I did unknit almost the entire thing on my flight to Portland, because the stitch count didn't match on both sides. I got some strange looks on the plane. Brian was very nice and helped me to wind the yarn as I pulled my shawl apart. Over 7 hours of flying I managed to unknit almost the entire shawl, and then knit back to where I was before I got on the plane. It's kind of like I accomplished nothing at all!

I also made some progress on the purple lace weight shawl that I've been working on. I took this to Portland with me, but I didn't touch it. It's just a little too tedious for travel knitting, despite that it's just stockinette. It is taking so long to knit I feel like I've made almost no progress, but now looking at the photos I see I am actually making some progress! Who knew!

Here's also also something new I'm working on. I can't say what it is just yet...

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