Friday, December 7, 2012


I'm going through a bit of a heart phase right now. No, I'm not 13, but hearts are just so cute! I've also always loved symmetry, and I figured, why not take advantage of the symmetry of hearts, by cutting it right in half!

Heartigan Girl's Sweater

My most recent interpretation of hearts was first seen in this post: too cute heart sweater. Well, now the pattern has been published, and you can see it here: Heartigan. It's been published as part of KnitPicks IDP. I originally named this sweater Heart Apart, until this happened one night:

Me: "Blah blah  blah heart cardigan"
Brian: "Is heartigan the pink one with the red heart?"
Me: "Heartigan? That's a good name!"
Brian: "Isn't that what you named it?"
Me: "No.."
Brian: "Oh, that's what I thought you said"
Me: "Nope, but it's clever, I'm going to re-name it! Maybe the fact that your going deaf isn't so bad..."

Two Hands Make A Heart Mittens

I also recently published the Two Hands Make A Heart mittens, with the hearts wrapping around the edge of the hands, so that when you put them together it makes one complete heart.

This lead me to think about other symmetrical shapes, and now I'm working on a couple other gloves in this series, but more on that later! 

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