Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Pattern: Two Hands Make A Heart

I met Mira from Baah! Yarns the first time I attended TNNA in January 2012. She is super friendly and  I absolutely adore her beautiful yarns! The first pattern I designed with her yarn was the Katy & Kevin Cowl. Then I had an idea for these mittens, and I had enough yarn left over from the cowl to make the first pair of mittens. This was way back in February. I submitted the pattern to Knitty for First Fall, and I was (obviously) rejected. I was heartbroken. I believe these mittens to be adorable and clever, and I've never seen anything quite like them before. I thought that for sure they would be accepted, but from heartbreak comes inspiration! I've knit a second pair with the same idea of an image that wraps around the edge of the hands, and these heart mittens are just the first in a series of three! The image charts will be the same size for all three of the mittens/mitt/gloves so that you can use any chart with your preferred glove style! The rest are still in the workshop, but I'm so excited to publish the first today! So, without further ado: Two Hands Make A Heart.

As always thanks to the amazing Katy Doyle for the photos!


  1. These are awesome!! I am currently waiting on a Knitty rejection (I would like to think acceptance, but am trying to prepare myself lol)....

    1. I've been rejected a lot, but I really love this pattern, so this rejection was harder than most for me. I think in general the longer the wait the more likely it is that a rejection is coming, but good luck!