Saturday, October 27, 2012

Display your hand knits!

Maybe this is just me, but I tend to let most of my knit items sit in a bag in my closet. Some of them don't fit me, because they are sample size 32" bust (which I am not!) and others are just shawls that I don't wear, or only wear very occasionally, and a couple I have never worn for whatever reason. Anyways, with the exception of Brian's bookshelf of comics our 'dining room' is my office. I spend a lot of time sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table even though we have a couch, and I have a desk, I do spend at least half of my work time at my desk. So what better to inspire me than some knitting right? I saw a branch on Pinterest as a clothing rack, and we did it at the yarn shop, and I decided I wanted one at home too!

I found the perfect branch while walking around the lake near our apartment. We were dog sitting for my in-laws and I left the branch there, and well, it got thrown out. I guess it's fair to say that I understand why a random branch on the porch could be seen as trash. So when Brian and I were walking around the lake again a couple weeks ago I was on the search for an even more perfect branch. This time we decided we wanted one so long that you could see it from the front door. Now you can see just the empty half of the branch on one side, and the whole branch with samples from inside the dining room/office. But why all this jabbering, I should just show you a picture!

The first picture is from the dining room, and the second from the kitchen side. The photos are terrible, I know, we don't have great lighting, these were taken and night, and now you know why I don't do my own pattern photography!

But what about hats and mittens? Oh, I made a 'clothesline' out of waste yarn and pushpins, and then got some clothespins at the dollar store. Whabam! 

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  1. I once attended a baby shower where a guest presented the pregnant mommy with a ton of baby clothes attached to a clothesline. It took many people to stretch it out. It was the cutest thing ever! Your picture reminded me of that.