Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TNNA Columbus & Hiya HIya Needles

When I left for Columbus my bag weighed about 25 lbs. On the way back it weighed 45 lbs. I didn't go shopping for clothes or shoes, but got a lot of amazing stuff at TNNA.

Here's a photo of all the knitting related stuff I brought back:

During Sample It I also had the chance to buy a set of the Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles. I have a set of the Knitter's Pride interchangeable needles, and I really love them because it is so convenient. I love that each set has it's own little spot, and it's so easy to find the needles you want.

However, the Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles may be my new favorite. What I love about the Hiya Hiya needles is that each needle is marked with the mm and US needle size. This is great because I am constantly losing my needle size measuring tool (I have no idea what the proper name for them is). I also find the join to be smoother on these than my Knitter's Pride set. 

At the top of the photo are a set of the Hiya Hiya Sharp circular needles. They are very similar to Addi Lace needles, but not as expensive.

Want to find Hiya Hiya needles near you? The Hiya Hiya North America website has a great tool on their website to look for the nearest retailer. Fine it here:

I'll be posting more product reviews in the upcoming weeks!


  1. Very cool that you got to go to TNNA. I would love to some day! My LYS sells Hiya Hiyas and many of the ladies there knit with them and are always saying such great things about them! I'm glad to know they're good needles, maybe someday (in my dreams)I will get a set.

  2. Twenty pounds of yarn and knitting books? Oh my, that picture makes me so jealous!