Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Design

I thought I would blog about my design process for a shrug that I'm knitting for the Yarn Tree Studio in Raleigh, NC. While talking to the owner Lynn today she mentioned that they have a new yarn in the shop, and needed a pattern and shop sample to highlight the yarn. I listed a few ideas, and she liked one of them, and so I'm designing a shrug for this yarn. Of course I'll also make the pattern available on Ravelry. The yarn is Cotton Supreme Sequins by Universal Yarn Inc. It's 97% cotton, 3% polyester, 3.5 oz a skein and 197 yards. I'm going to try to design a shrug for two skeins, but we'll see...

Here's a picture of the yarn, it's a lovely green color, and there aren't too many sequins.

Now I'm going to swatch and draw a sketch. More on that tomorrow!