Saturday, September 1, 2012

Photo Shoot

Katy and Kevin Doyle came to North Carolina earlier this month. We got to have dinner with them one night while they were here, and Katy and Kevin were kind enough to do a photo shoot of some of my samples! I'm also very grateful to Lauren Harrington, since she is a far better model than I am. I HATE having my picture taken. It didn't help that it was extremely humid that evening. Katy was kind enough to leave out all the photos of me making weird faces (of which there were plenty, I'm sure) but here are some "behind the scenes" shots.

In the last photo you'll see that there are people in the background. We had people walking around all over the place, since we were in a public area (the nerve!). And then if I wasn't feeling awkward enough Brian ran into some family friends and we were forced to make small talk for several minutes.


  1. You shouldn't hate having your picture taken. You're a very striking woman that photographs beautifully.