Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Carolina Fiber Fest

This past weekend was the Carolina Fiber Fest. I volunteered at the info desk all day Sunday and met a lot of great new people.

I wish I had taken some pictures to share, but alas, I forgot.

One of the highlights was meeting the organizers, which are the owners of Heelside Farms. They have a farm with sheep and bees, and produce some nice yarn. They also tried to teach me how to spin with a drop spindle, and I have to say, I am pretty terrible at it. Though it's definitely something I would like to try again, I hear practice makes perfect. Here's part of my conversation with James, the youngest of the Beasly clan that owns and operates Heelside farms as I was trying to learn how to spin.

James: That's it, you're getting the hang of it.
Me: No! It's all lumpy and inconsistent. Oops! (spindle drops to the floor) I just keep dropping it!
James: That's OK, just keep going.
Me: This looks terrible!
James: When you first learned how to knit, were all your stitches even?
Me: No, but I went back and unravelled all of it so there is no evidence!
James: Well, you can't do that with the yarn. It'll get better with practice.

I also got to meet Elisabeth from Wolle's Yarn Creations. The green yarn and shawl I've been posting pictures of for the last month feature her beautiful yarn, and I encourage everyone to check out her easy shop here: Wolle's Yarn Creations Etsy Shop. I already have a few ideas for this beautiful skins I got on Sunday.

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