Thursday, April 5, 2012

What were you doing at 8 o'clock this morning?

I was standing outside taking photos of pillows and sneezing.

I've just finished my first pattern for the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program: Cable Doodle Doo, a set of cabled pillows. They feature Knit Picks new 100% acrylic yarn Knit Picks Brava. They are soft, and you can put them in the washing machine and dryer, which seems very practical to me since pillows tend to get a fair amount of wear and tear.  Brian came up with the name, until about 15 minutes ago the file was simply titled: Cabled Pillows. Anyways, here are some of my less than impressive photos. Some of them came out really blurry because I sneezed in the middle of trying to take the photos.

I'm not sure when the patterns will be available, but don't worry, I'll be sure to post when they are!

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