Thursday, January 17, 2013


I had another pattern published last week, two in one week! It was so exciting that I didn't have time to write about both of them!

I'd like to introduce Ansel, published in Clotheshorse Winter 2012/2013. Photos are curtsey of Clotheshorse.

Sometimes the design process can take a really long time. I finished knitting the original sample for this in December 2011, just before leaving China. The last two weeks we lived in China we lived in a hotel, and I remember blocking this on the spare bed in our hotel room. My husband wasn't overly amused that I was using the limited space we had to block a sweater. Here are some photos of the original, and my former assistant Jasmine is modeling. These first two photos of Jasmine are taken before the button was sewn on or before the sweater was blocked! Knit in amazingly soft Lotus Yarn Tibetan Yak Sportweight. 

Here's another photo of the sweater after blocking (and button sewn on) by Katy Doyle.

So I sent photos of this original bolero to Clotheshorse, and I'm impressed at their vision to transform my idea into a bright and colorful piece to fit into their Graphic theme. I honestly can't say I quite understood the look they were going for when I originally saw the bright blue and green Blue Sky Alpacas yarn in the box before knitting the sample. I also learned that I'm slightly allergic to alpaca. Now that all is said and done I'm just so excited to see the wonderful styling of the team at Clotheshorse and to finally see my pattern out in the world! 


  1. Two totally different looks from one pattern. I think they both look great.

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    1. Thank you! That's a huge compliment, and I really appreciate it!

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