Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shoot It!

There has been a lot of evidence of my terrible photography on this blog. I usually try to save your eyes from my lack of talent, and prefer to show Katy Doyle's lovely photos of my knit items. However, Katy lives in Boston, and has a very busy life of her own, so I thought maybe I should learn a few things about photography. I do not have a fancy camera. I have a Cannon Powershot, which is a point and shoot camera.

I've been a member of Craftsy for a while, and you can even find my patterns on Craftsy: Mari Knit's Pattern Store. Craftsy also has online video classes, and they have an awesome platform where you can ask questions to the instructor, watch videos at your own pace, and you can even takes notes in the platform, so if you view the video more than once your notes are with the video! It's pretty nifty if you ask me.

Since I clearly need a little help with photography I decided to take Caro Sheridan's Shoot It! Online Product Photography Class. I met Caro at TNNA in Columbus back in June, and you might also recognize her as the model in some of Ravelry's t-shirt photos (that's where I had seen her before).

I really loved Caro's class. I thought she was pleasant and explained things well. I liked listening to her stories about photography and her personal experiences in the field. I really liked the goofy facial expressions she made, because I totally make goofy faces without knowing it too! I always knew that I should read the manual to my camera, but she gave me that extra shove and motivation to actually do it. I don't know where my manual is, but I googled it and found it online in less than 5 minutes.

So here are a few photos of this beautiful lace weight yarn from Rebel Yarns. You can see that I was playing with the setting on my camera and different backgrounds, and the yarn color looks a little bit different in each color... I'm clearly still figuring things out, and I've only gotten through half the videos. The first photo is the most accurate as far as color.

Caro also advises that you clean the few feet of your home that will be in the photo...I obviously have yet to fully embrace this. 

I also really wanted to take photos of Bunny, but Bunny is currently on vacation (AKA I can't find Bunny). Luckily Penelope was available (and she is much better and standing on her own anyways). 

In these photos I was experimenting with the rule of thirds. 


  1. I have looking at doing that class fora while, so good to hear that you are enjoying it. Perhaps I will do it!

  2. Maybe I'll look into that too, the photos on my blog always need a little extra help. I have a cannon powershot as well, but I barely know anything about it.

  3. I would definitely recommend it!