Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Pattern: Katy & Kevin Cowl

Once again I cannot share any of my WIPs, so instead let me share with you a brand new pattern!
This pattern has actually been finished for MONTHS. I knit the sample after meeting Mira from Baah! Yarns  way back in January. I submitted it to a magazine, and then promptly waited 6 months to hear that it had been rejected. That was sometime in June. I finished writing the pattern and had it test knit and that was all done by the end of June. Just today I finally finished making the changes from my tech editor, and decided it was time to publish!

I know it's a little early to be thinking about Fall, but here are 3 good reasons why you should start knitting fall accessories now.
1. They are small and portable, and thus good travel/vacation knitting
2. Once it actually starts to get cool you will be busy knitting things that really keep you warm, like sweaters and blankets.
3. This pattern is awesome and unisex, so even if you don't know exactly who it's for you will have a great gift.

This pattern is named after my friends Katy & Kevin Doyle, no, they are not siblings, they are a couple! They are also the amazing team behind all the lovely photography you see. (the crappy photographs are mine, the good ones are theirs). They are also the models in these photos!

Katy & Kevin Cowl 

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