Sunday, January 15, 2012


My husband Brian bought me some beautiful yarn for Christmas. I didn't give him any hints, and this was his first time buying yarn, he did very well! From left to right: Anime #2, Anime #6, Socktopus sokkusu - Jasper. After reading this post by Yarn Harlot I felt the need to make something with one of these yarns. 
I looked high and low through my patterns and on revelry. I didn't quite feel up to designing anything today, and then I found this pattern, the Lacy Baktus! I've just started, but here's my progress below. I think this pattern is great for showing off the variegated yarn without being too busy. I don't usually buy hand-painted yarn. I tend to lean towards solids and semi-solids, but I'm really enjoying this. 

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